Arguments That Promote Co-Parenting

Co-parenting after a divorce simply refers to the way that both parents can be active in raising a child, even if they are no longer married. Things to consider include child custody agreements, parenting plans, visitation schedules, and the like. Even though it can be hard for parents to work together, psychologists have found that co-parenting is best for the child, and the following arguments support this plan:

  1. It’s healthy for both parents to maintain a strong relationship with the child.
  2. Conflicts and violence can be reduced or even prevented with co-parenting.
  3. Shared parenting helps to replicate the way that a child would have been raised if the divorce had not taken place, giving the child the most possible consistency.
  4. Co-parenting can increase communication between two parents, especially while negotiating and figuring out the plan, but also after the plan is in place.
  5. Parental alienation becomes less likely.
  6. Parents are more likely to follow the legal parenting orders that are handed down by the court.
  7. Children’s rights are protected with co-parenting, not just the rights of the parents.
  8. A co-parenting arrangement ensures that both parents have obligations and responsibilities, which are also shared.
  9. At the same time, a co-parenting situation ensures that both parents retain some level of authority over the child.

On the whole, experts simply believe that a co-parenting plan is generally in line with the child’s best interests more often than a sole custody situation where one parent is absent. When setting up a co-parenting plan in Salt Lake City, you must make sure your rights as a parent are protected.

Source: Psychology Today, “Sixteen Arguments in Support of Co-Parenting,” Edward Kruk Ph.D., accessed March 11, 2016

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