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  • Get straightforward, easy-to-understand answers to the most common questions about Utah divorce.
  • Find out how the divorce process works.
  • We’ll tell you how most lawyers bill you for divorce, and why there’s a better way to pay.
  • See how Utah courts think about child custody, parent-time, splitting property and debt, alimony, and child support.
  • Get information and advice developed from helping thousands of people with divorce and child custody cases.
Divorce FAQ eBook

Using The Lessons Of This Free Guide, You Will Be Able To More Effectively Navigate The Legal Aspects Of Your Divorce So You Can Get On With Your Life!

Marco Brown About the Author

Marco Brown has been divorce attorney in Utah since 2010. He has helped thousands of people walk through divorce and child custody situations.

Mr. Brown was voted Utah Divorce Attorney of the Year in 2015. He’s also been featured in Super Lawyers, National Academy of Family Law Attorneys, and Utah Legal Elite for his work as a divorce attorney.

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