In my office is a very nice lady named Sarah. I thank her for her trust in coming to see me, and then I ask her to share her story.

Sarah starts where most people do, by talking about how long they’ve been married and where things went wrong. It’s almost always a story with a long progression. It wasn’t just one thing that has led Sarah to divorce. It’s a series of small things.

More than anything, Sarah feels like she and her husband have just drifted apart, and now they are more housemates than anything else. Sarah still loves her husband, and she loves her kids, but the desire to be married isn’t there anymore.

Sarah and her husband have tried to make things right, but it hasn’t worked. It’s time for divorce.

I’ve been a divorce attorney in Utah, Salt Lake City to be exact, for more than a decade. I’ve met with over 10,000 people about divorce, and we’ve helped thousand of families through the divorce and custody process.

I have met more Sarahs — and by “Sarah” I mean all the Bobs, Johns, Kristens, and Karens I meet with every day — than I can count. Most tell very similar stories, and almost all need help doing the same two things:

  1. Maximizing time with their kids.
  2. Maximizing their money.

This is why I’m a divorce attorney: to help my clients through divorce, and the fear that comes along with it, and (1) to maximize my clients’ time with their kids, and (2) to maximize my clients’ money.

Should You Meet with a Divorce Attorney?

If you’re reading this page, you’ve been searching “divorce Utah” or “divorce attorney Salt Lake City” or some similar search query, looking for information about divorce. Maybe you hope this information will help assuage some of the angst and fear you’re feeling.

Maybe you’re probably trying to determine if you’ll meet with an attorney about your divorce. That’s a tough thing to do, honestly. I don’t know many people who want to talk to a divorce lawyer.

Lawyers can be expensive and intimidating and people tend not to trust divorce lawyers because they always say, “you need a divorce lawyer“.

Well, you don’t always need a lawyer to help you with divorce, and here are a few examples when one might be unnecessary:

  • You’re young and don’t have anything.
  • You’ve been married for less than a year or two and you haven’t purchased anything together (e.g., home).
  • You’ve been separated for years and don’t own any property together.
  • You own a few minor things and you agree completely on how to divide them.
  • All you have if a little bit of debt to divide.

If you have one of these situations, then spending money on a divorce attorney may not be worth the money.

In contrast, there are definitely situations in which you should consider meeting with and hiring an attorney, for example:

  • You have children.
  • You have been married for a long time.
  • You own major assets, like a home or land, together.
  • You have pension or significant retirement assets.
  • You own a business.
  • You earn a good amount of money.
  • You have significant amounts of debt to divide.

Do you see a theme? If you don’t have much and haven’t been married long, you may not need to even speak with a divorce attorney, much less hire one. However, if you have been married for a while and share important things, like kids, money, and property, then meeting with a and hiring a divorce attorney might be appropriate.

Why? Because, if you get your divorce wrong when it comes to kids, assets, alimony, child support, or debt, then you’ll be fixing that mistake for years, if it ever gets fixed at all.

When you have a lot on the line (especially kids), it makes sense to have someone guide you through the process who has helped and guided thousands of others through the same problems.

Initial Consultation

After you’ve done your research and determined you need help with your divorce, here’s what your initial consultation with Brown Family Law would look like.

1. Greeting

First, our receptionist greets you when you come in and asks what type of drink you would like.

The receptionist then takes you up to the conference room where you’ll meet with your attorney. Your attorney will come in and greet you, thank you for having trust in us, and then ask you to tell your story so we can determine how we can help you.

2. Your Story and Assessment

Next, you and your attorney will talk through your situation. Your attorney will listen and ask questions, all while answering your questions.

Once your attorney has enough information, he/she will identify your primary goals (e.g., obtain primary custody of your kids, minimize alimony paid, get your divorce done as quickly as possible through mediation) and repeat those goals to you to make sure they are, in fact, what you want to accomplish in your divorce.

At this point, we’ll know if we’re able to help you.

3. Strategy and Price

If we’re able to help you, your attorney will give you a legal strategy that we will implement so you can obtain the goals you have for your divorce. Your attorney will ensure you’re comfortable with this plan before moving on.

If you are comfortable, we will talk about what that plan will likely cost and let you know that it is our intention to get you signed up that day so we can start helping you immediately.

4. How We Work to Benefit You

Your attorney will then talk to you about how we do things at Brown Family Law, and will discuss these specific features and advantages of the firm:

  1. Our communication system
  2. Exclusive focus on divorce
  3. How our system helps you obtain your ideal results
  4. Teamwork
  5. A cap on the number of of clients attorneys can work with simultaneously
  6. Goodwill we have fostered in the legal community
  7. Thousands of families helped since 2010
  8. Hundreds of 5-star reviews

Your attorney will explain how all of these features and advantages benefit you by making it more likely you’ll maximize time with your kids and maximize your money.

5. Payment and Documents to Get Started Helping You

At this point, your attorney will ensure that you want us to help you with your case, and take payment so we can get started helping you with your divorce immediately.

Before you leave the office, our intake specialist will get you some documents to fill out (questionnaire, etc.) so we can get started putting together your divorce complaint.

6. Follow Up

Within a day of meeting with and becoming a client, your attorney will call you to see how things are going. Soon after that, your paralegal will also contact you and see how the paperwork is going and see if you have any questions or need any help.

Contact Us – We Are Here to Help You

Schedule a time to talk with us – we are here to help you. When you meet with your attorney, we will go over your entire case, your children, your money and everything else that’s important to you. Our goal is to remove the fear associated with divorce by protecting your money and maximizing your time with your kids, all within 3-6 months. We look forward to meeting with you!

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