Why Choose Us?

When you hire us to help you with your family law case you will benefit from our years of experience and our Proven Process for Divorce.

Our purpose (and commitment to you) is to:

  1. Maximize your time with your kids
  2. To protect your money

The Top 7 Reasons to Hire Us as Your Family Law Attorneys

1. Consistent Communication

Consistent Communication

The #1 complaint people have with divorce attorneys is, “I call and I can’t get a call back.”

We have solved this problem.

In addition to all the normal communication you’ll have with your attorney (text, phone call, emails) your attorney will also call you every Friday, give you an update and answer any questions you have.

Also, every Wednesday, your paralegal will text you and answer any questions you have.

2. Exclusive Focus

Exclusive Focus

We only do one thing: Family Law

  • No car accident cases
  • No real estate cases

We do one thing because we’re going to do that one thing better than everyone else.

This exclusive focus has allowed us to create systems in which all of our people, and everything we do, is optimized to help our you to get your ideal results.

3. Teamwork


We do everything as a team.

  • We talk to each other
  • We strategize with each other
  • We quality control each other
  • We read each other’s documents before they go to the court.

Our teamwork approach provides the highest quality service for you as our client.

4. We Cap Our Number of Clients

We Cap Our Number of Clients

We cap the number of clients each attorney can help.

Many other law firms have 60, 70, 90 clients simultaneously. They don’t even know their clients’ names.

Think about trying to call 90 people on a Friday. You can’t, so clients don’t get communicated with.

We cap the number low to keep the quality of our service really high.

5. Goodwill with Judges and the Courts

Goodwill with Judges and the Courts

As a law firm, we volunteer our time and help judges with crazy cases where there aren’t any attorneys, and judges need someone to help get the case off their docket.

We’ve been doing this for years because it builds goodwill with the judges and courts, so when we go before them on our cases, they know, like, and trust us.

6. Thousands of Families Served Since 2010

Thousands of Families Served Since 2010

We’ve been helping people with their family law cases since 2010, and we’ve helped thousands of families.

What this means for you is that we’ve helped a lot of people in your exact situation, so we know precisely what to do to protect you and your children.

7. Hundreds of 5 STAR Reviews

Brown Family Law
Based on 789 reviews
I have to say the culture at this firm is so supportive and caring, it makes a wonderful place to go into work every day. I watch the attorneys and staff members here go the extra mile to make sure their clients are taken care of in incredibly difficult situations. Marco Brown has really figured out how to handle divorce and custody cases in a way that keeps clients informed every week, and gets the best results for people all over Utah. If you are looking to maximize your time with your kids or maximize your money, I would trust any attorney here to do that for you. Special thanks to Lei and Clay for being so involved in my training. Looking forward to my second year anniversary with this amazing team!
Very helpful and informative, easy to talk with. They gave me more information than any law office ive called in the last month!
Response from the owner: Sam, thank you for your kind words. Glad we could help.
Dani is approachable and knows a lot. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their paralegal.
Response from the owner: Jessica, thank you for the kind words about Dani.

We have hundreds of 5-star reviews from our satisfied clients.

We check the exact number. and respond to our reviews every day to ensure we’re always doing great work for our clients. 😉

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Schedule a time to talk with us – we are here to help you. When you meet with your divorce lawyer, we will go over your entire case, your children, your money and everything else that’s important to you. Our goal is to remove the fear associated with divorce by protecting your money and maximizing your time with your kids, all within 3-6 months. We look forward to meeting with you!

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