Child Custody and the Positive Utah Divorce

Parents in Utah and across the country face a unique set of challenges when they make the decision to end their romantic ties. However, being a parent means that there are certain issues of child custody that must be addressed in order for each parent to be able to have a better idea of what their future will hold following the conclusion of their divorce proceedings. Transitioning from being a couple to divorced parents can be made easier by taking some things into consideration.

The unfortunate part of some divorces is the tension and negativity that can arise. For those with children, the tension can be due to perceived or legitimate concerns over the welfare of their children. One of the things that a recent report stresses is that parents should remember that the welfare of the children is of the utmost importance. This means that children should have limited exposure to a process that can sometimes be emotionally charged. In other words, parents should manage their feelings toward the divorce and the other parents, and keep adult issues away from the children entirely.

The report states that by approaching divorce in a positive way, the children have the chance to view both parents in an equally positive light. Children should not be subjected to various concerns that parents face in a divorce; such as potential fights over money or materialistic items, child support or feelings of anger and grief toward the other parent. Children, as the article states, should not be used as a confidant for adult issues, and parents who may need support should seek assistance outside of the household in order to avoid potentially involving their children.

It is possible to navigate a divorce without either side feeling like they lost by implementing the above tips in an effort to approach the process in a positive way. Divorce is understandably not always an easy situation to work through. However, Utah parents can navigate a potentially painful event in their lives and ensure that their needs as parents and the ultimate needs of their children are met as they make their way through the child custody process.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce Lessons: 8 Critical Choices in Making a Positive Split“, John McElhenney, Aug. 5, 2014

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