Is Your Marriage Ending?

Is Your Marriage Ending? Do you worry about how you can pay all your bills with only one income?

Are you already seeing friends and family taking sides in your divorce?

Do you wonder how your children will adjust? (or IF they’ll adjust)?

Do you feel alone, persecuted, ostracized, or overwhelmed?

Divorce Is Tough, In fact, It’s a Train Wreck

People don’t feel great when they go through a train wreck, and no one can honestly expect to feel great going through divorce.

If you’re scared. If worry keeps you up at night. If you don’t know what to do.

If this is how you feel, or you’ve answered yes to any of these questions above, you are totally normal.

Your divorced friends and family went through the same feelings you have right now. They may not have shown it, they may have even hidden it from you, but I guarantee they went through all the same feelings and experienced the same worries.

It’s common to not talk about how difficult divorce really is, and that’s a shame. If everyone were open about it, then we wouldn’t feel so alone. Instead, we’d feel like people were there to listen, understand, and help. We’d feel safe.

So, let me say again: you are normal. What you’re feeling is normal.

You’re right to feel the way you do, and you are right to want help to move forward and recover from where you are in this process.

What to Do Next…

What you do next is critical. There’s a wide range of variables that will determine your outcome early in the divorce process.

We have a 28-step internal process to deliver the type of legal results our clients need. We have thoroughly examined and honed everything in this process, from assessing your unique situation, to the experts we use on our cases, to the font we use in our court documents (it’s the same one the Supreme Court of the United States uses), to which mediator will bring the best results for our clients.

This process will help you obtain your goals and recover faster. It is specifically designed to protect your best interests while making sure nothing is overlooked.

The first step in this process is our Roadmap and Recovery Session.

Roadmap and Recovery Session

Every time we help a client, we begin with something we call a Roadmap and Recovery Session.

Is Your Marriage Ending? During one of these sessions, we listen. We need to know who you are, who your kids are, and what your goals are.

Once we know what you want to accomplish and where you want to go, we create a roadmap to help you get there. With the destination in mind, we take care of the “how you get there” part.

In fact, our unique Roadmap and Recovery method is the first step in the process that helps you get consistent results and makes the divorce process so much more tolerable.

Because we’re attorneys, most of this roadmap will be legal stuff. This is where we collaborate and create a solid legal strategy, combined with a proven system, so we can fight for you and your kids in court – if the need arises.

There are many intelligent attorneys out there, but without a well-developed system based on accomplishing your goals, your odds in court may be no better than betting on red at the roulette table.

So, that’s the “roadmap” part. The “recovery” part is just as important.

This is where we discuss how you’ll succeed during and after divorce. We’ll talk about money (because, believe me, money is ultra-important) and relationships.

Most of what we’ll talk about here will probably go beyond just law and procedure. This is more about helping you and your family transition into your new reality. We’ll talk about money and investing, therapy (if you or your kids need it), and how best to transition to your new life.

We have found that both the “roadmap” and the “recovery” parts are integral in helping our clients. One without the other just doesn’t work.

Keep in mind: the Roadmap and Recovery Session is only the beginning. Every part of our 28-step internal process has been designed and refined to deliver the most ideal results for you and your family.

Client Success Stories


Why I Became a Divorce Attorney…

Marco Brown

Divorce Attorney
Marco Brown

Many years ago (long before I was voted the 2015 Family Law Lawyer of the Year by my Utah Bar Association peers) a friend called me out of the blue.

She asked me to help her get divorced. Hers was a difficult situation, and while I had never done a divorce before, I knew I had to help her.

The night before we met, I stayed up until 3 a.m. reading everything I could about divorce law.

When we met the next morning, we talked for a long time about her situation, her kids, how she felt betrayed, isolated, and scared. We talked about what would happen next. By the end of that conversation, we had a plan, and we stuck to it.

In the end, the plan worked. We got a great result for my friend and her kids. To this day, we keep in touch. She and her kids are happy and doing well.

When I figured out I could help real people and real families, I was all in. I found what I had been looking for in the law.

At this point, I made it my mission to begin focusing solely on helping people through divorce and getting the best results for them. Today, divorce and child custody is all we do. We focus on one thing so we are confident that we can help our clients achieve the best outcome for them and their families.

Who Can We Help Best?

Is Your Marriage Ending? We love listening to our clients and helping families succeed during and after divorce.

We would love to help everyone. The fact is that because of our unique system, we are more effective in serving clients who share certain characteristics.

Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about:

  • Clients who want to collaborate with us. We believe working together brings the best results, so we work with clients who share that view.
  • Clients who are good to us and our team. We treat our clients with kindness and respect, and we request the same in return.
  • Clients who communicate quickly. We strive to communicate effectively with our clients so we maintain momentum. Part of that is not having too much time pass between returning phone calls, emails, etc. Our most effective collaborations are those in which clients call us back in short order.
  • Clients who genuinely seek out and follow our advice. Trust between us is vital to obtaining best results, and that includes putting into practice the legal and practical suggestions we give.
  • Clients who put their children’s best interests first. Sometimes, what’s best for you isn’t best for your kids. Our most successful clients recognize this and always do what is best for their children.

What Happens if You Hire an Ineffective Divorce Attorney?

Is Your Marriage Ending? I’m a genuinely positive guy. I believe people are generally good. I believe people try to do the best they can with what they know and believe.

I’m also a deeply realistic person. I believe choices have inevitable consequences, and the best way to avoid pain is to make good choices upfront.

Nowhere is this truer than when choosing an attorney.

Ineffective attorneys don’t listen.

Instead, they take every client and shove them into the same box, use the same tired arguments, and generally don’t try that hard.

They may get okay results because they’ve been around the block once or twice, but they also get *schooled pretty often by other attorneys

*By schooled I mean the other guy gets the crazy stuff he asked for (and they all ask for crazy stuff).

I don’t mean to be a downer, but this is the reality of choosing a poor divorce attorney.

How Do You Keep Yourself Safe
– AND Hire an Effective Attorney?

We recommend looking for these things:

  • Someone you’re comfortable with. You should feel confident in and comfortable with your attorney. If you know you would feel more comfortable with someone else, find that person.
  • Someone who listens to you.
  • Someone with good reviews from an independent third-party site. Client testimonials on a website are great (we have a number of them), but nothing takes the place of client reviews on an independent website.
  • Someone who focuses on divorce. I don’t know anyone who gets a root canal from a part-time dentist. You shouldn’t get a divorce from a part-time divorce attorney. Choose someone who helps divorce clients and their families every day.
  • Someone well respected by their peers. Well-respected attorneys have good relationships with other attorneys and judges. They get things done because they work well with others and judges trust what they say.

What’s Next?

We’re here to help you get on with your life. The next step is to simple schedule a Free (no obligation) consultation with us, to discuss your case.

Call us directly at 801-685-9999 or fill out the form below to get started today.

About the Author: Marco Brown
Marco C. Brown was named Utah’s Outstanding Family Law Lawyer of the Year in 2015. He graduated with distinction from the University of Nebraska College of Law in 2007 and is currently the managing partner of Brown Family Law, LLC.
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Brown Family Law
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Miranda Wilson
Miranda Wilson
Danielle Wallace is an incredible woman. I appreciated all her help with our case, her sincere gratitude through every hard step and her... witty and fast responses. She really dig her heals in when she needed to. The law firm was also very friendly and welcoming!read more
Chad Ogden
Chad Ogden
While I wish I didn't need their services and hope to never need them again Brown (and specifically Andrew and Clay) were great to work... with. They were incredibly knowledgeable and more
David Adams
David Adams
Daniel Young was my attorney. As I had questions he would respond right back to me. He helped me to take the worry out of the divorce and... helped me understand the process of going through the divorce. What really impressed me was when we had the hearing a few weeks ago, the opposing attorney seemed to be unprepared whereas Daniel was very much prepared.Also Carren, his paralegal, was very prompt in taking my questions to Daniel and responding back to me.I would very highly recommend your more
Brianna M
Brianna M
My attorney, Ray, was really great to work with. Overall service was good, and I was grateful for the help through a difficult time. Would... recommend!read more
Lisa Albert
Lisa Albert
Brown Law is caring, professional, very available to help, easy to communicate with & reasonably priced. Everything went smoothly and I am... completely satisfied with their legal more
Very professional and timely. I would have been lost without their expertise. Highly recommend them.
Chase Deverall
Chase Deverall
My council was very good and thorough when working on my case. They also knew the ins and outs so we could negotiate the best possible... outcome. I recommend Brown Family Law if you are in need of an attorney, especially for a single dad, as myself. They fought for my rights as a dad. I really appreciated their involvement and dedication to fight for what was right and fair!read more
Yuchun Yeh
Yuchun Yeh
I want to give thank to Sierra’s help, I am not in Utah so when most of people would just ignore my emails, she tried to understand my... situation and gave me the best suggestions, highly recommend her to everyone here!read more
Mr. Garrabrandt was my attorney for my divorce and he along with the rest of Brown Family Law provided me with exceptional service and... support through the entire process. Divorce is an incredibly difficult process, so having the best representation is crucial. I am grateful to the entire Brown Family Law team for all they have more
Brown Law is incredible! They were truly an advocate for me. They listened to my concerns and followed up with me every three days for the... entire duration of my case. I sent emails and text messages late at night and on weekends and they replied every time. If anyone is looking for the very best family law firm it’s definitely Brown more
Daniela Acuña
Daniela Acuña
Idania is a great paralegal and helped me every step of the way.
Terence Jensen
Terence Jensen
Danielle help me and my family through some difficult situations. She provided peace of mind and allot of clarity. Thank you
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez
The Brown Family Law has been great to work with.
Matt Robertson
Matt Robertson
Would highly recommend Clay for your divorce needs.
Andrea Ohlwiler
Andrea Ohlwiler
I am so grateful for my consultation with Attorney Kent Cottam. He brought so much clarity and peace to my process. Should I need an... attorney I will definitely return and work with more
Jonathan Moreno
Jonathan Moreno
Kent was the right guy I needed for my custody case. He represented me perfectly in front of the commissioner and explained everything to... me very good! HIGHLY recommend him!read more
John Kulu
John Kulu
Emphasis on FAMILY with Brown Family Law. Clay & Lei. You can bet on em.
Evwaun Hart
Evwaun Hart
These guys were really helpful when it came to my case. I had Andrew and he was very communicative and had great legal advice. I would... definitely recommend these guys!read more
Kent Cottam with Brown Family Law has been the best representation I could ask for in my case. He is extremely thorough and worth every... penny of his services. Highly more
Brown Family Law did what was best in my interest, considering all the factors. My experience from start to finish was the best. Attorney... Amy did a great job with my case, and my experience with everyone I encountered was amazing, professional, respectful, friendly, with attention to detail, and an overall great experience. I recommend them and their services. Thank you so much for the great work done on my more
Edward Weis
Edward Weis
Impressive, can't thank them enough for the confidence to carry out my rights as a father. Brown Family Law was a necessary tool to... navigate the excessive complications others create. I was surrounded by a team that supports each other. My attorney unfortunately had an unexpected family emergency right before mediation. The details and communication within the team was flawless. Powerhouse law firm with direct upfront realistic expectations. Impressive team cultureThank you Clay Randallread more
Brittney Heer
Brittney Heer
I went in to meet with Daniel a couple months ago. My husband and I were on the verge of divorce, and Daniel was extremely caring and... understanding of ALL of my concerns. He took the time to listen and to explain everything about the process and what to expect. This makes all the difference when you're separating. You just want someone to listen. If anything ever does happen with my marriage I'm definetely coming back here and requesting Daniel! Thank you!read more
Brandon Ross
Brandon Ross
I can't say enough good about this group. At the end of the day, Ray Hingson went out of his way to make everything run smooth. Even... though the other firm encouraged and allowed them to use character assassination as a tactic, Ray stayed above the fray and made sure things were fair for both parties. If you want integrity and fairness for everyone involved these are your more
As a volunteer attorney, I will say Kent Cottam is one of the most solid attorneys I have ever dealt with, I was not expecting any legal... counsel today in my hearing but to my surprise Kent was happy to help and absolutely make sense of things for both parties today and absolutely made sure it was speedy process. I would absolutely recommend his expertise to anyone seeking counsel dealing with Family matters. Thank you again Kent. more
Jill Pike
Jill Pike
Jason Crawford is amazing. My husband and I are so extraordinarily happy with him. We know Jason is dedicated to our case because his... actions prove it. Jason’s attention to detail is remarkable. It feels great to know we have an exemplary attorney in our corner. Thank you Jason!read more
Matthew Hurst
Matthew Hurst
I had spoken with Marco for advice and he has helped a lot. Highly recommend you to go him for law school or legal help!
Marco is a wonderfully insightful attorney, with the requisite wisdom and expertise to take you the full mile. I appreciate him and his... team.All the best,Zechariahread more
Whitney Benson
Whitney Benson
Kent was extremely tentative and very responsive to my questions. His willingness to listen help put me at ease during my stressful... situation. I would recommend Kent with Brown Family Law to anyone looking for a family law more
DrWhite Crypto
DrWhite Crypto
Great to work with them. They are knowledgeable and on top of the law. Great advice about what to do, and even what might not work and... shouldn't be needlessly pursued. If I have divorce troubles again, I'll call them more
Derek Bowen
Derek Bowen
Danielle Wallace was extremely professional in the handling of my case. She did an excellent job of making sure the best interests of me... and my children were protected and that I received a fair and reasonable more
Tyler Webb
Tyler Webb
As an attorney in Utah, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Marco Brown and I am impressed by his law firm. Brown Family Law cares about... its clients and they communicate regularly with them.Family law issues can be the most challenging times people face. Brown Family Law understands this, and they provide excellent legal representation to its more
Dale Norton
Dale Norton
I greatly appreciate the service I received from Brown Family Law. They have an amazing, knowledgeable, and friendly staff who were able to... take care of all issues and questions in a timely manner. I felt much more at ease about the situation with their guidance and the way that they make sure to always stay in touch and keep you up to date. Thank you to Amy Pomeroy and everyone else on my team for your more
Brittany Morgan
Brittany Morgan
Leilani was easy to work with and overall, very responsive. The process was pretty seamless and quick. My now ex paid 1/3 of what I did,... which was annoying truthfully but, at the same time I can see the quality in the work that Leilani and Brown Family provided more
I met with Daniel Young for a consultation on a pretty tricky legal situation and he was incredible at being very concise and even picking... out a possible discrepancy in the case - was very thankful to have met with him and his services are well worth it for any family law more
Kort Snow
Kort Snow
Brown Family Law is an amazing practice to work with. Clay Randle took my case and went well above and beyond all of my expectations. Clay... was extremely caring and understanding of my circumstances. He kept my best interests in mind throughout the entire process. I was kept well informed of every step of the legal roadmap.Put yourself at ease and hire Brown Family more
I really enjoyed the experience with Brown Family Law. I was assigned attorney Clay Randle. Divorces suck but Clay was always there along... the way. He always contacted me, once a week, and every time I had a question, he was always available. He fought for me, reassured me that things will be ok and guided me throughout the entire process. I strongly recommend this law firm and attorney Clay Randle to people that are going through a divorce. It's a bit pricey but you get what you pay for and when it comes to divorces, you need the very best in your corner. I'm glad I hired him. I got what I wanted which was 50/50 custody of my child and my full retirement. We have developed a relation that will last a lifetime. I have a lot of respect, admiration and obviously appreciation for what he has done for me. I owe him greatly for helping me put my life back together and giving me a fresh start with my new and better life. Don't hesitate to call more
Anders C
Anders C
Brown Family Law is probably the best divorce firm in the state of Utah. They care about their clients and provide the BEST quality... representation. I have no problem recommending them to more
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More Client Testimonials…

I highly recommend Marco Brown and his team. They are very kind, courteous, personable and most of all knowledgeable. They confidently answer any and all questions or concerns. They are easy to contact via phone and/or email. Always reply to messages and emails in a timely manner. Give honest advice and are very easy to work with. I recommend and trust their expertise in any legal situation.

Ivan Garcia

My experience with Brown Family Law LLC was great. This was my first time going through anything regarding legal matters and so with not knowing what to expect, they were wonderful with explaining how the whole process worked, wonderful with getting back to me real fast if ever I had any questions (which I had TONS of) and in the end, Marco was able to help me accomplish what I felt was best for my daughter. I would recommend Brown Family Law LLC in a heartbeat.

Mira Richardson

I needed good divorce advice when I found myself facing divorce. I didn’t know the law and needed help. Everyone at Brown Family Law were and are gentle, kind, and knowledgeable. Divorce is not easy. They let me know what would happen before it happened. They are equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle any situation that came up. I am lucky to have had them in my corner fighting for my rights. I hope that I won’t need them again, but if I did, I know that Brown Family Law would be who I would call. I am truly grateful for all that was done on my behalf. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Beth Mcblain

Often times we are placed in a position where we may have to make difficult choices. We may find ourselves in position where we require the expertise of another person to help us see it through. Attorney Marco brown is one such person. He helped my family by doing what he loves, with integrity and honor. I could not ask for a better attorney. He was kind and thoughtful yet diligent in fighting for what was right. Because of his hard work my family can be together in a safe and secure environment. Much thanks to Marco Brown and his hard working staff. We recommend your service to anyone. You will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Michael May

Marco and the rest of the folks at Brown Family Law were fantastic to work with. Due to a significantly compressed schedule, I needed to get a pre-marital agreement turned around, signed, and notarized within 24-36 hours. Marco and the Brown Family Law team were incredibly understanding, in addition to acting with a sense of urgency and professionally delivering a quality product under such tight timelines. Collaborating with Marco was smooth, and he made the whole process as seamless as possible. Fortunately for me, Marco was able to work my imposing requirements into his busy schedule. I left a happy customer.


Using Brown Family Law was probably the best decision we made when deciding how to handle our child custody arrangement. From the first meeting we knew we could trust our attorney to give us honest feedback about the process and our case. The knowledge demonstrated by our attorney of the law we believe helped us receive the outcome we desired. We felt comfortable and included at all times with everything that was going on and they took extra time to explain anything we felt we didn’t understand. Family conflict is always devastating and a hardship, but we knew that we were in the right hands with Brown Family Law and they would take care of our concerns. We will definitely use Brown Family Law in the future and we would recommend them to anyone.

Trevor and Jodi
I sought out Brown Family Law regarding my divorce (specifically in matters of child support and alimony) after having a negative experience with another attorney. I didn’t feel like my first attorney communicated well with me, and as a result I often felt like I didn’t know what was going on with my case. In court, my attorney did not present all of the relevant facts of my case, and I felt like things were unnecessarily dragged out because of my attorney’s inefficiency.

I was ready to be done with the law altogether, as I didn’t feel like my rights as a mother were being properly defended. In working with Marco Brown, I have found him to be thorough and patient in listening to my experiences, reviewing all of the factual information and court documents surrounding my case and advising me on my options of how to proceed. He has worked quickly and efficiently in preparing documents and has treated me with kindness and respect. If you are nervous or skeptical in your search for an attorney, I highly recommend meeting with Brown Family Law!

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