When Military Service and Family Life Collide

Having a spouse, or being a spouse, in the military can put a considerable strain on a marriage. For the thousands of service members at Hill Air Force Base and other military installations throughout Utah, there are issues surrounding divorce that do not apply to those leading a civilian life. If you are a member of the military or a military spouse, our Salt Lake City military divorce lawyers can help address the unique issues you may face.

At Brown Family Law, our attorneys have in-depth understanding of the federal laws and specific issues military families face when dealing with divorce. Our firm’s founder, Marco Brown, has family in the military as well as extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with military divorces.

Salt Lake Lawyers Handling Visitation for Members of the Military

While many aspects of military divorce are considered standard, there are considerable differences when it comes to the division of military benefits, as well as child custody and visitation issues. Our law firm is both sensitive to and experienced with all of these aspects, including:

  • Marital share of retirement benefits — Spouses of military members may be entitled to a marital share of the service member’s military pension, as stated under the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act. The amount is based on the accrual of benefits during the length of the marriage. Our attorneys understand how to calculate this, as well as any benefits from the service member’s Survivor Benefit Plan.
  • Child custody and visitation — Because of the many issues surrounding military service and overseas deployment, it is essential that a service member has a lawyer who understands the Service-members Civil Relief Act to prevent any permanent changes from occurring while the service member is on active duty.
  • Child support — There are differences between military pay while deployed and while serving on base. Our attorneys understand how to accommodate these differences when calculating child support.

Our law firm has extensive experience representing service members and their spouses. We understand what you are up against and we will help you get through this.

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