Should You File For An Uncontested Divorce?

Our attorneys at Brown Family Law LLC are dedicated to making your divorce go as smoothly as possible. Ending your marriage is difficult. We understand. We do not judge your situation or you. Instead, we provide you with personalized attention and advice you can trust.

Helping Individuals With Uncontested Divorce In Utah

An uncontested divorce is a cost-effective way to end your marriage. Our lawyers have experience handling divorces involving high-conflict issues to no-conflict issues in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. We have seen it all and know that an uncontested divorce is a way to keep your costs manageable and help you move on with your life.

Uncontested divorce involves both parties coming to an agreement without going to trial, at least in most cases. We will guide you through this process by getting to know you, your challenges and your goals so we can negotiate to find a favorable settlement.

Understanding Your Options

We believe that part of our job is to educate you about your options, and the benefits and potential pitfalls of each choice. Understanding how your choices will impact your future will help you make the best decision, given your particular situation.

An uncontested divorce will include a need to determine the division of your assets and property, child custody and visitation matters, and other issues specific to your lifestyle. We can help you evaluate your needs and come up with an effective plan to protect your future.

A no-fault divorce is not for everyone. You need to be willing to negotiate and reach an agreement with your ex in order to benefit from the cost-effective and simplified approach involved in an uncontested divorce in Utah.

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