Date: XX.XX.XX

Regarding: Congratulations on a Successful Mediation

Dear XXXX,

Congratulations on a successful mediation. This letter is a short, general explanation regarding what will happen now through finalization of your case.

During mediation you signed a Stipulation or Memorandum of Understanding. This will be filed with the Court along with other finalization documents, namely: (1) Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, and (2) Decree of Divorce/Order. Depending on your case, we may have to file various additional documents with the Court. For instance, if yours is a divorce or paternity case involving child support, then we will need to file a Statement of Compliance (including pay stubs from both parties) to prove to the Court the proposed child support calculation is accurate. Divorces may also require drafting documents to transfer property or business interests.

Drafting and revising the necessary finalization documents takes time. After completing your finalization documents, we must send them to the other party (or the other party’s attorney) for approval. We must allow the other party approximately eight days to either approve the documents or object to them. If there is an objection to the documents’ wording, we work to make any necessary corrections. If there is no objection, we file the documents with the Court for the judge’s signature.

Once received, a judge usually takes between two and four weeks to sign finalization documents. We begin calling the judge after two weeks to check on the status of the documents, and to see if we can grease the wheel and have them signed immediately.

Please keep in mind, since the finalization process takes time and work to complete, you will be billed for that post-mediation time. This means you will receive invoices after the invoice reflecting time spent in mediation.

Hopefully, this letter has helped explain the post-mediation process. If you have any questions regarding your case, please call 801-685-9999.


/s/ Marco Brown

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