Regarding: Holiday and Summer Parent-time Reminder

Dear XXXX,

If you receive this letter, it means holidays are upcoming, and we wanted to remind you to please schedule holidays well in advance.

The best way to avoid any conflict regarding holidays is to communicate extensively with your ex or soon-to-be ex. Start the scheduling and communication process weeks and months in advance. If you do this, each of you will know exactly (1) when holidays will take place, and (2) how transportation to and from holidays will work. If you leave scheduling and communication to the last minute, you will likely experience problems. Those problems can escalate quickly and cost you quite a lot in attorney fees. Again, communicate early and extensively.

Another reason we ask you to do this, other than to save you money and decrease your stress, is because we will be out of the office with our families on or around most major holidays. The following is the section of our Retainer Agreement concerning office closures around the holidays:

The following is a list of holidays on which our office will be closed: New Years Day (January 1, or the Friday before if January 1 lands on a weekend), Presidents Day (third Monday of February), Memorial Day (last Monday of May), Independence Day (July 4, or the Friday before if July 4 lands on a weekend), Pioneer Day (July 24, or the Friday before if July 24 lands on a weekend), Labor Day (first Monday in September), Thanksgiving (from the day before Thanksgiving (Wednesday) until the following Monday), Christmas (December 25; although, because things are so slow at the Court during Christmas, there is usually minimal staffing in the office from December 20th to January 2nd). Closed means we will not be available to work, take calls, or answer emails.

Because we will not be available when the office is closed, we will not be able to help with last-second holidays issues in all but the most serious of emergency circumstances.

Thank you for beginning the holiday planning process early. If you have any questions, feel free to call 801-685-9999.


/s/ Marco Brown

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