Child Custody Mediation

Child custody is the most contentious issue in most divorces. Utah courts encourage divorcing parties to come to an agreement regarding child custody, primarily because doing so means couples will experience future child custody problems far less often. However, even when agreements are made, many times one party does not live up to the agreement, or circumstances change so drastically that child custody arrangements need to be revisited. In these situations, mediation is often superior to litigation. For example, mediation, unlike litigation, allows the parties to control the outcome of their child custody dispute. Additionally, mediation can be scheduled much quicker than a hearing date with a judge, so situations are resolved more quickly. Likewise, it costs less to mediate child custody issues than to litigate them.

Another point to consider is many Utah courts will require mediation before it will hear a child custody issue. Ultimately, it is in your best interests to (1) find a good mediator, and (2) find an attorney experienced in mediation to help you through the process. If you do these two things, there is a much better chance your child custody dispute will turn out positively for you.

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Brown Family Law offers a full range of mediation options. Attorney Marco Brown is an experienced Salt Lake City child custody lawyer, and Utah trained mediator. He is always ready to mediate child custody issues at his reasonable rate. Likewise, Brown Family Law has helped many people navigate the mediation process and successfully resolve their contested child custody issues.

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